From the Principal

Welcome to Heathfield Primary School where our core values of Harmony, Progress and Success embody the spirit of our community. Families recognise our safe, caring and supportive environment which is enhanced by a spacious bushland setting, high quality facilities, excellent provision of ICT and strong academic results. Diversity is embraced and students from a range of backgrounds enjoy positive relationships with their peers and adults.


We support each student to work towards high expectations behaviourally, socially and academically, and are committed to providing every child with the skills and dispositions that will open the doors to their future. Learners are empowered to bravely seek ‘challenge’ as part of learning communities where ‘we are all teachers, we are all learners, we are all responsible’. Amidst a culture where participation is celebrated, our students learn that their mind is like any other muscle and with hard work and persistence it can get stronger.


Our awareness of each child’s needs is greatly enhanced by our smaller size which supports our staff to talk about and contribute to the learning needs of all students. At Heathfield PS we are proud to say that each child is our collective responsibility and as a result the development of each student is greatly enhanced. Ours is a school where everyone knows your name and plays a part in your success, from every staff member, child and parent, to the many volunteers that contribute to our school’s success.


As Heathfield High School’s closest feeder school and just walking distance away, we have developed strong ties with the school taking every opportunity to utilise the high school’s facilities and expertise. We return the favour, opening our school to high school students who regularly work with our children in a mentor capacity as part of their senior studies. Acknowledging the high school’s prestigious specialist volleyball program as an entry pathway for our Year 7 students, volleyball is an integral part of our own sporting culture resulting in many of our students being offered places in the high school’s program.


Whilst our website is comprehensive, like our approach to education, there is only so much you can get from text. That said, I encourage you to contact me should you have any questions or if you would like to arrange a tour. I like nothing more than to share what we do here as we are immensely proud of the learning community we have created.