Student Achievement

Our NAPLAN results in 2013 showed strong progress against our Site Improvement Goals. Whilst we have only a small number of students tested (which can dramatically affect ‘averages’), the student achievement data validates the quality of the teaching and learning programs in place and our strategic planning. These included:

  • Incredible progress in Writing with a massive 75% of year 5s making ‘upper’ band progress; and an even more impressive 85% of year 7s making ‘upper’ band progress.
  • Outstanding results for year 3s in English, with 100% in the top two bands for Writing and Spelling and 83% in the top two bands for Reading and Grammar.
  • Significant gains in Numeracy, with 80% of year 5s and 87% of year 7s in the top two bands.

If you would like to know more about our NAPLAN results, please read the 2013 Annual Report.