Student Voice and Action Groups

Crazy hair day 269

Crazy Hair Day for the Leukaemia Foundation

Student Voice is an integral part of our community decision making and group projects. Class meetings determine issues to be addressed and potential activities, which result in a multitude of opportunities for students to lead or support through their involvement. These opportunities have included fundraising projects, student-led disco, repainting of parts of our school, and school publicity projects (to name but a few).



In recognition of the important leadership role that our senior students play in our school community, our Year 7’s participate in a Future Leader’s Program. They meet weekly with the Principal and Pastoral Support Worker to discuss current school and community issues and are encouraged to develop themselves further as leaders. They are also responsible for planning school events, for informing and involving the school community in upcoming community events (such as refugee week), for providing input into the school newsletter, and for acknowledging younger students at assembly who have been demonstrating strong learning power and community behaviours.


Rainbow painting of the pathway to the drop off zone