Our Latest Adventures…



125th Anniversary

On Thursday 4th September 2014, Heathfield Primary School celebrated its 125th Anniversary. The entire school dressed in period costume and were transported back in time to days of no lunch boxes, electronics and strict rules. The school was open all day to former students, staff, parents and friends. The year 3,4,5’s acted as guides and took guided tours around the school.



Frog pond

After researching plants that would attract native frogs to our school, the Sustainability Group, along with parents and staff, built a frog pond next to our playground.



Each Friday a group of students spend the morning cooking with produce from our school garden. They then set the tables with fresh flowers and serve their friends and teachers a delicious two course meal.



Paper rolling challenge

In mixed aged groups, students spent the afternoon doing a newspaper challenge task. They were challenged to use only rolled newspaper and sticky tape to build a strong structure large enough to fit a person inside. A wide variety of tents, teepees and turrets were judged and displayed in the library. The students had a fun, sometimes difficult and unique learning experience that taught them to use their skills of initiative, resilience and teamwork.




The whole school, including staff, enjoyed dressing up to celebrate their love of books and reading.