Upcoming Events


Upcoming Events

Bike Education

Years 4-6’s are participating in Bike Education sessions for 4 weeks in Term 3. These hands on sessions teach kids to be safe on the roads but also to enjoy the experience of riding around our local areas.


School Disco

Our year 6s plan and run a disco each year for all students. This is usually held on a Friday in September (Term 3).


Bonfire Night

In Term 4, the students clean up their school grounds to make it safe for Summer and the bushfire season. After this we have a Bonfire Night to burn the wood but, more importantly, to get together as a community. Date to be advised.


End of Year School Concert and Art Exhibition

To celebrate the end of the year, we will hold an end of year concert in our outdoor amphitheatre set amongst the gum trees. The students will organise their own plays and performances to show the other students, families and friends. There will also be an exhibition of the art that the students have produced throughout the year.