Anti-Bullying and Harassment Policy


We take a restorative practice approach to behaviour management where children are expected to honestly acknowledge their behaviour choice, the impact this has on others, how they will make a different choice should they find themselves in the same situation in the future, and finally but most importantly, restore the relationship that their behaviour has affected.
We view behaviour choices as teachable moments and acknowledge that there will be mistakes made which are an inevitable part of growing up, however we support children to become empowered by reflecting on replacement behaviours believing it is what we do next that makes the greatest difference.
In line with the recommendations of the Cossey Report (2011), we regularly collect student feedback and report anything of significance to Governing Council as necessary. Our students consistently report extremely low incidents of bullying and harassment at our school. We are extremely pro-active in our approach to this aspect of teaching and learning and use a variety of social development interventions such as Circle Time, Restorative Practices and Play is The Way. These programs are explicitly taught alongside Cyber Safety and the Keeping Safe Child Protection Curriculum.  The work of our Pastoral Care Worker complements our classroom programs, ensuring a safe and caring  environment for our whole community.
P3070072HPS Anti Bullying and Harassment Brochure
Behaviour Management Policy