Bushfire Procedures

Under Department for Education guidelines on days of Catastrophic fire danger rating, Heathfield Primary School will be closed. There is a text messaging system that will be used to inform families in this event. A sign will be displayed at the school entrance driveway if the school is to be closed. We also advise that parents check the Bureau of Meteorology website after 4:30pm to check for the Fire Danger Rating for the Mount Lofty Ranges for the following day.


In the event of a major bushfire outbreak threatening our school, all children will be kept at school in the care of their teachers until collected by their parent/caregiver or nominee of parents/caregiver. Please provide written authorisation should it be necessary for someone different to collect your children.


On days of extreme bushfire threat, we respect parents/caregivers may want to keep their children at home or come to school early to collect children. The decision to keep children at home on days of extreme danger must be considered in the context of your family’s own fire procedures. We ask that the parents/caregiver inform the school on the day if they intend collecting children early or keeping them at home.


Parents/Caregivers must let the class teachers know and sign students out, before taking children from school.  In the event of a bushfire being in the vicinity/pathway of the school, all children will be moved into Warrendi. All the children have had special training for this procedure in the form of bushfire drills. If your child has or could develop an allergy or medical condition please advise the school immediately. Medication can be left at the school and will be placed in the First Aid Box and automatically taken to the safest refuge.


It is extremely important that we have your current details in our system. This document provides an overview of this. More information on our Bushfire Action Plan can be obtained at the Front Office.


There is also more information on the Department of Education website on Bushfire and Emergency Closures and the Bushfire Parent Information Brochure.