Professional Learning

Bright Path Writing Moderation PD -Staff collaborate to develop student writing goals.

All staff at our school have an ongoing commitment to professional learning. Over recent years, we have developed strong learning relationships with teachers from other local schools as part of a Professional Learning Community.


We have clear targets in our Site Improvement Plan which governs whole staff professional development. The work of our teachers has focused on formative assessment in recent years and is now incorporating differentiation to ensure we meet the needs of all learners and lift student achievement in Writing and Numeracy.


Staff learning continues in assessment as Heathfield Primary adopts the Bright Path writing moderation tool and the Dynamic Indicators of Basic Early Literacy Skills (DIBELS) suite of literacy assessments.


With the introduction of a focus on Autism inclusion by the Education Department, staff will undertake training to improve existing supports for autistic children and young people, facilitated by our Autism Inclusion Teacher (AIT).


AITs will complete evidence-based training developed by Positive Partnerships and other highly regarded training providers to build knowledge surrounding autism and strategies for supporting students to achieve their educational goals.


Staff also engage in individual evidence based professional learning to build their teaching capacity in line with their Professional Development Plan.