Effective Intervention

Activating peers as tutors.

Activating peers as tutors

Our intervention is designed to meet the needs of all students through embedded assessment practices that enable students to engage with their learning and know their next steps.
For those students who are experiencing difficulties or have high level skills in particular areas, our screening procedures ensure that support is provided at an early stage. We operate three waves of intervention as follows:

  • Wave 1: Whole class teaching & learning goals and strategies.
  • Wave 2: Individual learning plans developed with parents (One Plans) – in class support or small group intervention. Some students may also work with older peer tutors.
  • Wave 3: Advice is sought from external agencies or regional services to develop a One Plan with parents and the student receives 1:1 support as required.

Our team of SSOs and Learning Assistance volunteers work closely with class teachers to help students meet their learning goals. Quicksmart is offered to develop ‘quick recall’ number skills in identified students and Jolly Phonics & Grammar is used in whole class teaching