Our Early Years (R-2)

Our Early Years classrooms are located around a large wet area so they are wonderfully situated to engage in diverse and rich learning experiences. Our Early Years teachers recognise that students bring to school a wide range of experiences, abilities, needs and interests. They have a natural curiosity about their world and students are given ample opportunity to explore and make sense of the world through interactions with others and experimentation.


Learning together

The foundational concepts of phonics and number are taught explicitly and students apply their knowledge and understanding through practice and play. Literacy and Numeracy capabilities are reinforced through learning in all areas of the curriculum. Priority is given to the development of ‘learning skills’ that support students to work with others, build resilience and move toward a model of student-directed learning.


Early years learning area

Our Early Years’ students move into the Primary years with all the skills, knowledge and understanding they require to continue their learning journey.