Our Upper Years (5-6)

Dialogue and reflection that features the ‘language of learning’, learning as a member of a community that is constantly changing, and the development of brave independent learners underpin the development of our Middle Years classes. These attributes directly contribute to the academic success of our senior students as they prepare to begin the next exciting and daunting part of their learning journey; High School.

Collaborative learning community


In Years 5 and 6, students develop an ability to take positive actions for their wellbeing; they relate to and communicate well with others; they ask challenging questions and seek answers; they make informed decisions and act responsibly. The development of information and communication technology skills increases across the curriculum at this level.


We acknowledge the age and maturity of our senior students and therefore enable them to lead our school community where they are expected to give back, particularly as role models, as those before them have done. We view these years as an opportunity to demonstrate all that they have learnt and show us the informed and active citizens they have become. In these rooms the motto; ‘We are all teachers, We are all learners, We are all responsible’ is ever present. Hence, students are enabled to identify areas of development and are supported to take ownership of this as we create lifelong learners.