Assessment ‘for’ and ‘of’ Learning

At Heathfield Primary School, we use both formative (‘for’ learning) and summative (‘of’ learning) assessment strategies to ensure that parents/carers and students are fully informed about their achievements and their next learning goals. We have engaged strongly with the work of Dylan Williams through professional development and this has been embedded in our practice over several years. We believe that assessment should be used to determine the next stage of teaching and learning and teachers use a variety of techniques to engage students in this process, including:


  • Peer feedback;
  • Peer teaching;
  • Strategic questioning;
  • Making learning intentions and success criteria clear; and
  • Providing feedback that moves learning forward.


In addition, we use standardised and diagnostic testing, such as DIBELS and Big Ideas in Number screening tools, to provide information around whole school direction, to identify individual student intervention and to measure school and individual student growth. These results are shared with parents during interviews.


Assessment FOR Learning Brochure
Assessment OF Learning and Intervention